Vange Tapia is an Actress, Producer, VO talent and Host who initiated her career acting in TV commercials during her mid teens in Mexico
City where she was born and raised. Having a Spanish and Portuguese background she fits in the mediterranean characters for films and TV
as she is fluent in Spanish, English & French, plus speaks conversational Italian.

She gained credibility from her first TV commercial for national television in what became a series of award winning ads.
first commercial, directed by Fred Clapp, which led her to the opportunity to work directly under the guidance of director Francisco
Murguía from Cine Concepto as well (Cinematronics) and the creativity of Gonzalo Tassier of the former Bozell in what became a series of
award winning TV
commercials for telecommunications. Vange remembers them all with great fondness.

In those commercials, Vange's famous phrase "¡No Inventes!" characterized her as the classic Preppy/Valley Girl ("Fresa"), which gave her
critical acclaim and introduced her to the Voice Over industry, Film and Television in lead roles in which her characters would interact holding
a telephone or with the “No Inventes” iconic line.

She booked a female lead role for the suspense series for national TV;
"Hora Marcada" -Episode: No Retornable, with both Academy Awards
winners Director
Alfonso Cuarón (for Gravity. Also director of Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban, Children Of Men, Great
Expectations) and under the photography of the 3 times award winner
Emmanuel Lubezki (Gravity, Birdman, The Revenant).

Being a people person and a traveler, Vange got involved into tourism so she took a break moving to Puerto Vallarta where she redirected her
creative energies and found her second passion; Customer Service in the Resort Industry. First as a Gentle Organizer (G.O), planning different
activities for the hotel guests and then as a Master Of Ceremonies (MC) in the hotel nightly shows. Vange was instrumental in creating the
Mexican chapter of the International Concierge Association
(Les Clefs D’Or) with the former President of Les Clefs D'Or USA, Marjorie
Silverman as a godmother. Vange was also the President of the Concierge guild in Los Cabos, BCS. As a 5-star hotel concierge, she hosted
celebrities from all over the world.

Achieving clarity of her two passions - being in front of the camera and traveling  -  she found both in on-camera hosting and writing in
Spanish and English for the online Travel Channel for
Brand USA / Discover America (the US Convention and Visitors Bureau) and for Rolling
Tworistas. She also writes Travel Journals for online blogs. And for Rolling Tworistas were she teams up with her husband, a great
opportunity to combine both professions.

Vange served as a member of the board of directors of Frijolywood for almost 2.5 years with the purpose of connecting people and creating
opportunities together. Up until January 2018,  She was director of communications (social media, database, e-mails), event planner and
liasion between festivals, organizations and studios. Believing that finding work is a teamwork responsibility in both ends, between her
representative agents and managers, Vange founded the by invitation only “Actors Slash” group, a group of international and local talent in
Hollywood where members not only act but create their own opportunities by producing, directing or writing work for themselves in
collaboration with other actors who do more than just acting.

Vange is a big supported of Film Festivals and some organizations that support her community by getting involved and promoting their

She is currently represented in the US for both commercial and theatrical by Privilege by Momentum Talent. And AVO talent represents her
for Voice Over, Animation and Video Games. Her management agency is Kontakto.

Vange has worked in several TV commercials, series, films and plays. She is happily married and lives in the City of Los Angeles, CA, doing
what she likes the most.
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